About EquiproVet SA

EquiproVet SA brings cutting edge orthopaedic solutions. Applicable to small and large animals, the company has a particular interest in Equine and Canine Sports Medicine. South African competitive riders are looking to their vets to help provide them with the additional support, which European vets have been offering their equine athletes for years. Equiprovet SA provides the solution to level the playing field for our athletes to catch up to their international counterparts in terms of sports management and assistance. Competing on the international stage requires world-class sports medicine to support the intensity, longevity, challenges and skill, that the training of our “sports machines” require.

Worldwide, the focus is on Proactive Sports Management, as opposed to the old way of reactive medicine and treating injuries after they have happened. Reactive medicine deals with issues once symptoms have appeared and the damage to the horse has already been done. The global focus on equine athletic health involves preventing problems from occurring, or at the very least delaying their onset and severity, whilst fully optimizing performance. Maintaining your sport horse’s peak physical condition, as opposed to needing to treat your horse invasively, after the fact!

Understanding not only, how the physical body functions, and what it requires to maintain optimum health, soundness and peak performance, as well as a sound knowledge of the science and field applications of our products, makes EquiproVet SA your ideal sports medicine partner.

EquiproVet SA works hand in hand with your vet and your existing team and support structure to ensure that you receive the best support and assistance possible.

Mission statement:

EquiproVet SA undertakes to source, verify and import the best sports medicine products available, and to educate you the rider on how to use the products available, to your horse’s best advantage, to look after your horse and ensure optimum health, longevity, and performance.

Whilst we are not veterinarians, we are EquiproVet SA product experts. Our passion is Sports Medicine, allowing us to focus on finding and researching the latest technologies, which apply specifically to the field of Equine Sports Medicine with a specific focus on orthopedic and sports performance solutions.

– Tracy Finch –

As a competitive dressage rider herself, Tracy understands the complexity of keeping the performance horse in top condition.

Tracy has extensive knowledge of the EquiproVet SA products and holds the sole distribution rights for Southern Africa.

EquiproVet SA Team

We are not veterinarians and make no claims to be vets.  What we offer is a wealth of knowledge and research pertaining to our products, an intimate knowledge of horses whether it is as competition riders ourselves, specialists in rehabilitation work, or human medical professionals.

What we believe in is proactive joint management to maintain the integrity and performance of your horse’s joints.  In cases where horses have serious issues with soundness and performance, we prefer to work hand in hand with your veterinarian.  This ensures that your horse receives the best care possible, the extensive knowledge and experience that your veterinarian offers you, coupled with our passion and knowledge of our products and how and where they are most effective.

The Team undergoes extensive product training and is available to discuss horses of any age or breed and level and stage of work, in order to personalize a joint maintenance programme to suit your horse’s individual requirements and sustainability.