Croma Saypha​

Croma Saypha

Croma Saypha – High Molecular Weight Reticulated HA

Each syringe contains 1ml reticulated HA

Contains 2.3% (23mg/ml).

Recommended Use:

HA should be used as part of your veterinarian’s planned maintenance protocol for your sports horse. Using intra-articular products for sports horses, is usually necessary for older horses with significant wear and tear, or those who have experienced injury or whose conformation predisposes them to excessive joint wear.

Saypha is of particular benefit, where there are changes in the surface level of cartilage.  Research has also shown it to be of benefit for coffin joint issues.


Saypha is available including or without Lidocaine,  if you are competing please ensure that if the product containing Lidocaine is used that the suitable withdrawal period is adhered to in accordance with the FEIs rules.

Sapyha is packaged as one injection per box.


  • Provides comfort and greater cushioning in the joint for longer.
  • Better joint nutrition through optimal HA levels and molecular structure and weight (3 million dalton). (Cartilage feeds as nutrients are pulled into it post loading phase of a joint)
  • Provides protection for areas of degraded articular cartilage
  • Levels up the articular surface of cartilage, reducing the development of further lesions and damage.
  • NON DOPING (without Lidocaine) product as verified by the FEI Prohibited and Banned Substances list, including method of administration. (FEI Rules regarding administration of any products at recognized events must be adhered to)

To read the FEI Prohibited Substance list, which encompasses prohibited methods of administration. Click here

To read the FEI Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations. Click here


2.3% (23mg/ml)

Usually seen as end stage joint support to maintain the older more valuable sports horse.

Product packaging description:

1 x sterile syringe in blister pack per box

The back of the blister pack:

  • Product Name
  • Batch No, Manufacturing and Expiry Date
  • Composition

Box describes:


Croma Saypha Volume

Hyaluronic dermal filler


Batch No, Manufacturing and Expiry Date

Works as an anti-inflammatory

Hyaluronic Acid helps in the growth and development of joint’s cartilage and bone by promoting the growth of new cells and tissues.  HA gel has an important role in reducing joint inflammation and pain caused by injury, aging and tissue degeneration, reticulated HA has the additional benefit of leveling cartilagenous articular surfaces.

Works in the lubrication process: 

Joints naturally produce High Molecular Weight HA, which gradually reduces in quantity and viscosity with age and mechanical stressors.  Supplementing High Molecular Weight HA allows joints to rest and function optimally by providing viscous lubrication and chondro protection via molecular weight, size and viscosity.


Extremely valuable as a treatment modality for damaged or thinning cartilage and as a medical therapy for osteo-arthritic conditions.

Per Vet Prescription