Weravet Dermisal 11

Weravet Dermisal 11


Sold as individual ampoules 

Each 2 ml ampoule contains:

Sulfur C30

Sodium chloride (Water for injection)

Recommended Use:

To use as a regulation therapy for allergies / skin allergies

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the principle that “like cures like”, in a tiny dilution.  Dermisal is to use as a regulation therapy for eczema, hair loss, strong body odour and as a constitutional remedy.

Sulfur is a homeopathic polycrest and constitutional remedy and has a deep influence on many systems of the body.

Normal dosage is 2 ampoules every 2 days for skin allergies alternating with Alleosal.  Otherwise repetition takes place after 4 – 8 days.

Break the vial/ampoule at the marker, and tap into a glass of water. To be taken with water over 15-20 minutes. Outside of food – 10-15 minutes. Alternatively may be injected.


  • Supplementary skin remedy
  • For skin disturbances
  • Venous system and hepatic portal vein
  • Digestive organs and the liver and the reiculoendothelial system (cell metabolism)
  • Rapid absorption through the mucosal membrane
  • Kind on kidneys and liver
  • NON DOPING product as verified by the FEI Prohibited and Banned Substances list, including method of administration. (FEI Rules regarding administration of any products at recognized events must be adhered to)

To read the FEI Prohibited Substance list, which encompasses prohibited methods of administration. Click here

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Sulfur C30

Sodium chloride (Water for injection)

Product packaging description:

1 x 2 ml glass ampoule, branded.

Box describes:


Weravet 11 – Dermisal

40 ampoules


All homeopathic preparations should be kept in the cool and out of sunlight.  These products are not intended to replace veterinary care, but to support holistic treatments as guided by a health professional.


Is a great skin remedy, therefore a main field of application is the treatment of pathological (disease causing) skin symptoms – especially dry, itching and burning associated with eczema (inflammation of the skin), and also moist eczema.


Burning of the skin or a sensation of heat in the skin, even without any eruptions.



Treatment of chronic cases