PPS – Pentosan Polysulfate

PPS - Pentosan Polysulfate



Each 10ml vial contains 2500mg PPS

Recommended Use

Pentosan may be used for a therapeutic course as part of a recommended maintenance programme as discussed with your veterinarian.  Administered as 1 injection every 4th day for 5 injections.  This maintains peak therapeutic levels in the horse’s body for a period of 24 days, allowing maximum benefit to be gained.

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Pentosan may also be used as a single dose, as needed or as part of a planned annual joint maintenance programme.

Pentosan is either packaged 6 per box or may be purchased as a therapeutic course or single vial. 


  • Each dose contains 2500mg PPS
  • Treats the cause of osteoarthritis
  • PPS assists with limiting cartilage degradation
  • PPS halts the progression of arthritis.
  • Improves the production of High Molecular Weight HA.
  • Improves joint comfort and lubrication.
  • Improved blood supply to joints
  • NON DOPING product as verified by the FEI Prohibited and Banned Substances list, including method of administration. (FEI Rules regarding administration of any products at recognized events must be adhered to)

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Works as an anti-inflammatory

PPS inhibits and modulates inflammatory mediators including histamine, serotonin, superoxide free radicals and proteins of the compliment system, all of which have been implicated in cartilage degradation.

Works on overall joint health: 

PPS stimulates proteoglycan synthesis and increases their quantity in the extracellular matrix.  This is the supporting structure of the cartilage, that makes up the joint’s weight bearing surface.  Training and competing tends to cause wear and tear (ostearthritis), it is the slow loss of proteoglycans from the the cartilage matrix which weakens it and causes lameness.  Pentosan’s ability to replace these components within the matrix is instrumental to its ability to halt the progression of arthritis.

PPS also stimulates synovial fibroblasts (Joint capsule is made of these cells), to produce more high molecular weight HA.  This improves the viscosity and quantity of joint fluid, which lubricates, stabilizes and cushions the joint, all of which helps to prevent joint damage and degradation.

Better Blood flow:

Cartilage has no intrinsic blood supply and therefore relies on underlying bone for the vessels to bring it nutrients. Osteoarthritis can erode some joint surfaces whist thickening others, this can lead to a reduction in blood flow and associated nutrition to the cartilage. Fats and fibrin being deposited into the underlying joint related vessels of horses under mechanical stress can result in clogging of vessels and reduced blood flow with resulting poor nutrition and cartilage degeneration..  PPS removes fibrin clots and lipids from blood vessels, which means better blood flowreduced degeneration of cartilage and eventually reduced joint pain.


2500mg Pentosan polysulfate 

Rectifies (fixes) the production of the Hyaluronate Metabolism 

For treatment of DJD and osteoarthritis (particularly knees and hocks), cartilagenous challenges such as sidebone and tendon and ligament injuries caused by mechanical wear and tear.

Product packaging description:

1 x10 ml glass vial in individual blister pack, 12 per box

The back of the blister pack:

  • Product Name
  • Batch No, Manufacturing and Expiry Date
  • Composition

Box description:


Pentosan Polysulfate

Pentosan Polysufate Sodium Injection 250 mg / ml

An aid in the treatment of non-infectious inflammatory joint disorders.


Batch, Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date


Incredibly valuable as a medical and therapeutic device

Per Vet Prescription

PPS - Pentosan Polysulfate - Mode Of Action