Equaan 1000 (PSGAG)​

Equaan 1000 (PSGAG)​


Ten RECTAL ovules per box

Recommended Use:

Preferably an initial loading dose of one ovule a day for three days followed by one weekly, as a maintenance nutraceutical for horses from youngstock to those in training/competition. 

Loading doses may be used prior to competitions or periods of intense work such as training bootcamps, when joints will be under maximum loading; to ensure maximum joint comfort, maintenance and recovery.

One box including administering a loading dose lasts, 8 weeks; thereafter each box lasts 10 weeks 


  • As easy as taking your horse’s temperature
  • Rectal absorption is far higher than intestinal absorption. 100% absorption rate with a higher than 80% bioavailability, due to the route of absorption.
  • Eliminates any potential side effects such as ulcers of the mouth, trachea and stomach.
  • Eliminates over or under dosing, and lost product through wasted, spilt or unmixed food (oral supplementation)
  • Eliminates  loss of efficacy due to ingredients being exposed to air, moisture etc.
  • NON DOPING product

To read the FEI Prohibited Substance list, which encompasses prohibited methods of administration. Click here

To read the FEI Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations. Click here


1000mg pure PSGAG 

Rectifies (fixes) the production of the Hyaluronate Metabolism 

For treatment of DJD and osteoarthritis, sidebone and tendon and ligament injuries caused by mechanical wear and tear.The latest research shows benefit for myofascial health and integrity.

Product packaging description:

Anatomically designed ovules packed in white blister strips of 5 ovules per pack. (2 strips per box)

Branded tape sealing the blunt end of the strips, perforated line at narrow end of ovule for easy of access and administration.

Box description:



1000 mg Polysulphated Glycosaminglycan

NDS – Non Doping Substance


Batch and Expiry Date

Works as an anti-inflammatory

Inhibits the enzymatic breakdown of cartilage Protects the articular cartilage Compliments the repair process by inhibiting collagen degrading enzymes Stimulates the anabolic processes in repair of cartilage and synovial tissues Improves the viscosity of synovial fluid (the quality) Concentrates itself in degenerated/diseased cartilage. Chondroprotective, anti-inflammatory and anabolic for joint capsule matrix 

Works in tendon repair process: 

By enzymatic inhibition of degradation of tendon matrix components 


More valuable in the prevention of osteoarthritis than medical therapy